The region of New Astoria sits just off the northern edge of the New California Republic's territory, just far enough from the seat of power to go mostly unnoticed and largely un-patrolled by NCR troops. This suited the local residents fine, as they went about their days farming the surprisingly fertile soil of the area, tending to brahmin herds and fighting off the occasional disorganized raider attack.

In the last few weeks, all this changed. Three raider gangs have seemingly sprung up from nowhere: the Unclean Hand, the Ravenous Maw and the War Boys have begun fighting for territory in the region, and the conflict is spreading rapidly. The people have sent word to Shady Sands, but no response has come. It seems they must rely on their own resources to drive back the gangs and reclaim their homes. In the town of Kettlestock, a group of hardy individuals is making a plan to do just that….

Savage Worlds - Fallout: A Pale Horse